On behalf of myself and Professor Petr Solich from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Charles University in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) I am pleased to invite all interested parties to the V4 Symposium "Flow Analysis and Capillary Electrophoresis" (V4-FACE 2020). This is the third edition of this scientific meeting, which this year will take place in Poland, at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, from June 29 to July 2.
    This time the conference will be organized as part of a project approved by the International Visegrad Fund. The main goal of the project is to establish a new and expand the already established cooperation between the research centers of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries in the field of analytical chemistry, with particular emphasis on flow analysis and capillary electrophoresis. Our institutional project partners are: Faculty of Pharmacy of the Charles University in Hradec Kralove, Institute of Analytical Chemistry of Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno, Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen, Research Institute of Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering of the University of Pannonia in Veszprem, Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Science of the Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, and Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw. The announced active participation of representatives of these centers will allow us to get acquainted with the state and development of analytical chemistry in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, as well as, of course, with the latest scientific achievements in the field of flow analysis and capillary electrophoresis. We will talk about further, post-conference joint activities, among others during the discussion panel planned within the Symposium.
    Leading analysts from outside these centers have also announced their participation in our conference, including from Spain, Portugal, Russia, Thailand and the United States. We are counting on the participation of over 100 people. In addition to oral and poster presentations as part of the Symposium, we plan to organize very interesting workshops, as well as a separate Young Session for master and doctoral students and young researchers, hoping that their fresh look at analytical problems will be particularly interesting and inspiring for all of us.
    We invite everyone who deals with any aspect of flow analysis, capillary electrophoresis and related techniques to participate in the Symposium. We look forward to presenting new achievements in theoretical and methodological research in both areas. We count on numerous reports of both completed and ongoing research on new, instrumental modifications of flow and electrophoretic systems, and about the interesting use of both techniques for analytical and even non-analytical purposes. We will be pleased to welcome representatives of quality control, environmental and research laboratories and companies producing analytical equipment in our meeting. We invite them to share their experiences and insights on the use of flow and electrophoretic techniques for routine analysis, as well as to present the problems associated with the use of both techniques in everyday laboratory practice.
In free time we invite everyone to visit the impressive building of our Faculty and the new University Campus, as well as to admire - especially charming at the beginning of summer - various corners of Old Krakow. We hope that the academic atmosphere of the City and the University will contribute to strengthening and consolidating the scientific and social impressions provided during conference.


All details about Project and Symposium can be found at the webpage of FACE 2020.



Professor Paweł Kościelniak

Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee